Yoga - Know your body and mind

Welcome to Hierontamesta´s Yoga classes. Participation in the class does not require previous experience in yoga. It also does not impose any special physical requirements on you. The only requirement to start is your own desire to achieve better balance between your body and mind.

In all manual treatments offered by Hierontamesta (osteopathy, naprapathy, massage), the role of the client is mainly to be passive during the treatment. In order to obtain certain manual therapeutic effects, this is justified. In Yoga class, the client is a more active participant and its' purpose is to supplement help provided by other services of Hierontamesta in maintaining and developing health of our clients.

Yoga classes aim to, among other things:

  • better functioning of the sense of balance
  • improvement of the painless range of motion of muscles and joints
  • muscle activation and body flexibility
  • better breathing flow
  • body and mind control
  • gain back ability to relax and manage stress
  • to put it simply, better health

The basic lesson includes muscle activation, balance exercises, stretching, breathing practice and relaxation.

Our Yoga therapy is suitable for people of all ages and health condition. Here "Private class" is drawn up based on your personal situation and will. Your goal can be to cope better in everyday life without pain or, for example, to learn the most challenging asanas (postures) or anything in between. You may also come to "yoga for two" class together with your spouse/partner/friend/acquaintance or visit a "small group" class for maximum 4 people.

You only need to reserve time in Ajanvaraus, have comfortable clothes, good mood and be open minded. Classes are held mainly in English. However, the language should not be an obstacle to join. In any case it is about body language we are dealing with.

Yoga private class / Jooga yksityistunti (60min) 58€
Yoga for two / Jooga kahdelle (60min) 84€(2x42€)
Yoga - small group / pienryhmä (60min - max 4) 20€